Funding Success! - [24/01/2013]
Funding Success!
We are delighted to be able to announce that the Minister for Education, Leighton Andrews, has approved funding for CânSing for the next financial year. Not only will this mean that the current resources and support will remain available but also that another 200 schools in Wales will benefit from the training programme between April 2013 – March 2014.

There will be 3 new Song Support sheets appearing on the site within the next week:

- We are the world (Ni yw y byd - Gruff Rhys)

- I got rhythm (George Gershwin)

- Lean on me (Bill Whithers)

Many thanks to your continued support – particularly those who provided evidence for the proposal.
With best wishes
Song ofthe Shepherds - [23/01/2013]

Song ofthe Shepherds

The Song of the Shepherds by Welsh composer Gareth Glyn and lyrics by his wife Eleri Cwyfan has been part of the repertoire web site for some time now. This has been a very popular song and has been used extensively by schools across Wales specifically for concerts / Christmas services.

This year the Welsh version of the song has been included as part of the Urdd National Eisteddfod texts which will be held in Pembrokeshire. It is included for the Parti Bechgyn (Boys party) competition for Year 7 - 9.

On our web site there is a  Song Sheet Support which provides guidance on how to go about learning the song effectively. In addition there is a link to vocal exercises that can be done during rehearsals. There are scores of the music notation available for download as well as an interactive screen to practice in a classroom with an Interactive White board or projector. You can also downloaded mp3 tracks in order to practice because the full track, track without voices and individual parts tracks.

Good luck if you intend to compete this year, why not send us your performance as an example of good practice or create a video for our new YouTube channel?

Happy New Year! - [07/01/2013]

Happy New Year!


We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas break – we look forward to working with you in 2013.


For further information about CânSing please contact


Learning communities


We are also bringing together three new CânSing PLCs Pofessional Learning Communities), and would love to hear from anyone

who’d like to be involved in these. The PLCs will explore the links between CânSing and:

• literacy

• special educational needs

• bilingualism

For more information on these subjects, or to suggest a different subject for a CânSing PLC, please email


Important dates


16 January  - CânSing Training Day 2 – Flintshire and Wrexham schools (English);

21 February  - CânSing Training Day 2 – Flintshire, Denbighshire and Wrexham schools (Welsh),

20 March  - CânSing Training Day 2 – Conwy and Gwynedd (Welsh),


Very positive training days in North Wales - [15/10/2012]

Hello All!


We have had three very positive training days in North Wales in the last couple of weeks, with schools from Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Conwy & Gwynedd. There are two more events in South Wales before half-term so it’s a very busy time for the CânSing team.


We are in the process of bringing together 3 new CânSing PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) and would love to hear from anyone who’d like to be involved. The subjects to be explored include the links between CânSing and:


Special Educational Needs



For more information on these, or to suggest a different subject for a CânSing PLC, please email


We are also in the process of arranging some twilight sessions– focusing on our Christmas material, if you are interested in these free sessions (or would like to host an event at your school) please get in touch. These will hopefully help those of you who will be thinking about your school Christmas production.


In the meantime, thank you for your continued support, we really appreciate your feedback.


Best wishes


Suzanne Barnes

Project Manager

Welcome back! - [03/09/2012]

 Welcome back!


I hope you had an enjoyable summer break and are ready for the new term ahead.


We have been very busy at CânSing preparing new material for you and making plans for the next phase of training delivery.


Over the next few months we will be working with clusters in Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham, Conwy, RCT, Cardiff and The Vale. Many thanks to those of you who have got in touch to nominate schools to take part.


Our new songs will be released shortly, and to support this we will be hosting some twilight training sessions. If you are interested in attending one of these sessions please email


Best wishes




CânSing Project Manager

National CânSing Day 2012 - [10/07/2012]

Once again, June 21st was very busy for the CânSing team and this edition highlights just some of the events that took place in schools across Wales . All of our Animateurs visited events; from Wrexham to Ceredigion and Cardiff to Wrexham. I attended two events myself, Bryn Elian School in Conwy with Elin Llwyd in the morning and Rhosnesni School with Jenny Pearson in Wrexham in the afternoon. Both events involved over 100 children from primary schools in their cluster and were excellent examples of the fantastic work of all involved and of course provide strong evidence of the value of the programme. We received lots of positive media coverage of the day, including a lengthy interview with myself and Emma Cavendar-Morris (Head of Music at Tredegar Comprehensive) on the Roy Noble programme on BBC Radio Wales.


On a more personal note, events like these are so, so important to me. All too often it is easy for those of us who work “behind the scenes” to forget the impact our work has on real children, young people and teachers. Seeing, and hearing, these events first hand reminds us of why we all work so hard and why it is so vital that we continue our efforts to make sure CânSing supports schools and pupils long into the future.


Whilst I wish you all a restful summer break, there will be no such rest for the CânSing team who will be working on the new additions to the songbank and plans for the training schedule for the new academic year.


Best wishes & thanks for your continued support!


Suzanne Barnes

CânSing Project Manager


Copy of Bulletin July 2012

New resources for CânSing Day! - [15/06/2012]

As you know we are celebrating our second National CânSing Day on Thursday June 21st, with activities large and small happening all across Wales.


To support these events we have released 4 new songs:-

  • ‘Consider yourself’ – Lionel Bart (Oliver)
  • ‘Now lads, let’s all rejoice’ (Moliannwn) – Welsh Folk Song
  • ‘Hey, you’re cool’ – Robat Arwyn.
  • ‘Os oes gen ti gân’ (‘If you have a song’) A new composition by Welsh composer Owain Llwyd and lyrics by
    Meirion MacIntyre Huws (Children of Wales Bard, 2001)

We also have additional support material including a template press release, poster, top-ten tips from our team.


We are hoping for various media coverage of the day, including an interview on the Roy Noble programme on BBC Radio Wales. We look forward to hearing all about your events, big or small, we will be issuing a special edition of our CânSing bulletin with reports from across Wales - so why not include details of your celebration?


Best wishes



National CânSing Day - [22/05/2012]

 We are holding our second National CânSing Day on Thursday, 21 June. All schools involved in the CânSing project are invited to celebrate their achievements on this day.

We are delighted that many schools across Wales are already planning to take up this opportunity to bring pupils together, unite voices and celebrate what they have achieved, using the CânSing resources (at

This annual event demonstrates the success of the CânSing project. We are confident that the experience will make a lasting impression on both the teachers and the children – and will encourage them to use their voices today and well into the future. 

 New resources

To celebrate National CânSing Day, we will be releasing new resources on the website, as well as a CânSing Day Pack. The new songs are:

‘Consider yourself’ – Lionel Bart (Oliver)

‘Now lads, let’s all rejoice’ (Moliannwn) – Welsh Folk Song

‘Hey, you’re cool’ – Robat Arwyn. 

This year we have commissioned Welsh composer Owain Llwyd and Meirion MacIntyre Huws (Children of Wales Bard, 2001) to compose a song to celebrate National CânSing Day. The bilingual song is called ‘Os oes gen ti gân’ (‘If you have a song’). 

Three new and exciting songs - [09/03/2012]

We are very happy to be able to announce that we now have three new and exciting songs available on the CânSing website, which are:

- Stand By Me

- Something Inside

- Down By the Riverside

We hope you have fun exploring, learning and teaching these new resources!



Save the date - [21/02/2012]

Save the date!

National CânSing Day

We are already planning our second national CânSing Day, which will be held on Thursday, 21 June 2012.

Just like last year, all five of the CânSing animateurs will be available to support schools on that day.

We would particularly like to support school clusters that wish to host transition days and would like help from an animateur.

If you would like an animateur to attend your school on 21 June, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing