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Title: Rounds (NGfL Cymru /HWB)
Composer: Owain Gethin Davies
Arrangement: Owain Gethin Davies
Lyrics: Eleri Richards
Key: Various
Vocal range: Various
Parts: 4
Grading: Easy
Theme: Various

Rounds (NGfL Cymru /HWB)

This is a series of 10 Rounds to be used on an interactive whiteboard to support vocal performing work in the classroom. The intention of the resource is to offer a visual and audio aid, and to warm and stretch the voice before attempting to sing challenging songs. The resource includes an animation that follows the lyrics. It also includes a choice of two tracks. You can download a copy of the score in using Scorch Software, and Sibelius 5 or higher users can open the score and adapt it as they wish.

Interactive Screen