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Prepare to celebrate St David's Day - Cwricwlwm Cymreig Resources - [02/02/2016]

We are coming up to St David’s Day on the 1st of March where many schools will be celebrating this special day with a concert or school eisteddfod.

Here are some songs that are featured in our Cwricwlwm Cymreig section that could be used as part of your celebrations.


Mae hen wlad fy nhadau – Evan James & James James

This song is, by tradition, the national anthem of Wales, and was composed in January 1856.


Now lad’s let’s all rejoice - traditional

This is a translation of the traditional Welsh Folk song 'Moliannwn'. The song is a rejoicing song about welcoming the spring.


I shall sing and be full merry – arr Gwennant Pyrs

This song is a Cerdd Dant (verse singing) piece. Cerdd Dant is the art of vocal improvisation over a given melody in Welsh musical tradition. It is traditionally sung with harp accompaniment.


Miggledee maggledee - traditional

This is a translation of the traditional Welsh folk song ‘Migldi Magldi’. The songs response mimics a blacksmith at work.


Oh pure heart – John Hughes

This Welsh hymn is often associated with the Welsh Rugby Union, and is sung before almost every test match involving the Welsh national team.


Sing out loud - Einion Dafydd & Cefin Roberts

This song was commissioned to reflect the ethos of the CânSing project. It refers to the heritage and culture of Wales and is bilingual to signify the unification of the two languages.


The Holly - traditional

The Holly is a translation by Carlene Marr/Syr Idris Bell of the traditional Welsh folksong ‘Y Gelynnen’. The song is rejoicing about the holly tree.


Ar lan y môr - (On the seashore) traditional

‘Ar lan y môr’ (On the seashore) is a traditional Welsh folk song. It is a love song, and the opening phrase has been kept in Welsh in this translation.


Round the horn – traditional

This is a sea shanty sung on board Welsh schooners and South Georgia whalers, which often took on Welsh crews.

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Theme: Christmas / Carol / Numeracy
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