New Screens!

As many of you will be aware, Adobe no longer supports Flash Player and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021 which sadly affects the functionality of the CânSing resources, most notably the interactive screens.

Since Adobe announced this decision we have been exploring potential alternative options to ensure we are able to continue to provide the interactive screens as we know they are a very valuable resource and relied upon by many. Therefore, screens created in the last 2-3 years utilise HTML 5 and are unaffected by the change, but the vast majority of original (2010 - 2015) screens will sadly no longer run in most browsers.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are pursuing options to gain the necessary funding/business partnership to support us to convert these materials into a suitable, more current format to enable us to continue to provide them, without fee, to schools and communities across Wales and beyond.

We have therefore prioritised updating the screens for some of our most popular songs including: 

  • Calon Lân
  • Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
  • Banuwa
  • Toreador Song
  • Sosban Fach
  • Humming Chorus
  • Kye Kye Kule
  • Sing Out Loud
  • Os Oes Gen Ti Gân
  • Ar Lan y Môr
  • Daw Hyfryd Fis
  • We hope you will enjoy using the new screens. We are working hard to get the rest of our resources converted as soon as possible.

    In the meantime please do continue to use the unaffected resources including scores and backing tracks (mp3 format) which are all downloadable for you free of charge.

    Many thanks for your patience and ongoing support,


    Suzanne Barnes


    Welcome to CânSing. If this is your first visit to us please take a few moments to have a look around our site; we've got a large collection of materials which are particularly suitable for school use - but of course are free to be used by anyone in any location!

    Amongst our song-bank you will find a small number of pieces that require a user log-in; due to copyright restrictions we are only able to offer these to schools in Wales where at least one member of staff has participated in our training. If you would like further information about this, or to be reminded of your log-in details please get in touch.

    There are a number of other points to note about the forthcoming season including:

    CânSing and Literacy – we have already delivered very successful training courses focusing on making links between CânSing and the literacy element of the LNF (KS2). If you are interested in this element of our work please contact me directly.

    Training: we are in the process of firming up the arrangements for our training programme, if you are interested in participating in CânSing training or able to offer your school as a venue for one of our twilight sessions please get in touch.

    As ever, the CânSing team are here to offer support in any way we can. We also love to hear feedback from our colleagues across the UK and beyond so please get in touch!



    Suzanne Barnes


    Training Special Offer!

    Attend BOTH sessions for only £75!

    Places strictly limited

    Book now

    Wednesday 9th Nov - at Glyncoed Primary School, Cardiff

    In response to requests we are offering a full day of training, split into two sections, to meet different needs (see below):

    Special Offer: Attend BOTH sessions (1 full day) for a reduced fee of £75

    Delivered by Aled Powys-Williams; professional singer (baritone) and very experienced vocal animateur.

    Places are strictly limited at both sessions: please email to book yours!


    Session 1

    Wednesday 9th November

    Morning session (9am - 12.30pm)

    CânSing Training: A packed, practical session suitable for all abilities

    Suitable for: All teaching and support staff, no previous music experience is necessary 


    To provide practical guidance to utilising the CânSing resources in schools including:-

    • how to use navigate the CânSing songbank and resources
    • warm up activities (rhythm, body, diction, breathing, vocal)
    • establishing good practice in singing
    • unison and part singing; call & response, rounds
    • using different genres; beat-boxing, opera, folk
    • links to Cwriculum Cymraeg; themes (Christmas, PSE)

    You will receive a CânSing pack including:-

    • Printed toolkit and a selection of teaching guides
    • CânSing CD (selection of backing tracks)
    • CânSing USB containing further editable digital resources
    • Full access to the CânSing resources (password protected)

    Cost: £50 per delegate (individual session rate)

    *Please note this course is delivered in English with incidental use of Welsh, all CânSing resources used are available in Welsh and English. 


    Session 2

    Wednesday 9th November

    Afternoon session (1 - 4pm)

    Music/Singing and Literacy: A session focused on linking the CânSing resources to the literacy element of the LNF (KS2)

    Suitable for: Those with a working knowledge of CânSing resources


    To provide practical guidance to utilising the CânSing resources as a vehicle for developing literacy including:-

    • music strategies and activities focusing on literacy outcomes, all cross reference to the Literacy Framework
    • incorporating and embedding the literacy framework into the music curriculum
    • explore how singing can contribute to improving reading, writing and oracy across the curriculum

    You will receive a CânSing pack including:-

    • Printed toolkit and a selection of teaching guides
    • CânSing CD (selection of backing tracks)
    • CânSing USB containing further editable digital resources linked to literacy
    • Full access to the CânSing resources (password protected)

    Cost: £50 per delegate (individual session rate)

    *Please note this course is delivered in English with incidental use of Welsh, all CânSing resources used are available in Welsh and English. 

    Attend BOTH sessions for the ONLY £75!!

    Book now!


    To discuss the course content or any other training needs please email 

    We are delighted to announce that this year our annual celebrations will be bigger and better than ever, with large events happening both North and South during the week of 20th - 24th June. 


    CânSing is now in its seventh year and continues to affirm Wales’ reputation as the “Land of Song” by providing resources, training, support & events across the country. We have an ever-growing family of “CânSing-ers” and are very proud of our collective achievements. So this year, and working with our brilliant partners, we have decided to extend our usual annual event, from 1 day to a whole week, to enable us to support more events and provide more opportunities for you to celebrate, wherever you are! 


    Each event will be slightly different but all will delivered by one (or more) of our team of our professional Animateurs and will offer a varied programme of repertoire. So far, we can confirm:




    In Partnership With

    Monday 20th June

    Blackwood Miners Institute

    Caerphilly Music Service

    Tuesday 21st June

    Memo Arts Centre, Barry

    WNO & Barry Memo

    Wednesday 22nd June

    Venue Cymru, Llandudno

    WNO & North Wales Choral Festival

    Thursday 23rd June

    William Aston Hall, Glyndwr University, Wrexham 

    WNO & Wrexham Music Service

    Friday 24th June

    To be confirmed/see below

    To be confirmed/see below


    We are keen to hear from anyone, particularly in the West of Wales who would be keen to host an event on Friday 24th June (or another day that week if we can support with members of the team).


    To register your interest in one (or more) of the events, please follow the links above. Also, please let us know if you are having your own CânSing celebration. 


    Once again, we are working in partnership with Welsh National Opera, this year we have 3 joint events. Our focus this year is on the new CânSing / WNO Sosban Fach (‘Little Saucepan’) resources. This famous traditional Welsh folk-song is commonly known as a rugby song and was sung in the World War 1 trenches. The piece will be available in a choral version (arr. Jeff Howard, originally commissioned by BBC National Orchestra of Wales) with a new English translation by Sian Meinir (Chorus, Welsh National Opera) with a full orchestral backing track for all to learn and sing along with!


    We are also delighted to be working in partnership with North Wales Choral festival. This 3 day annual event at Venue Cymru in Llandudno hosts a “schools day” (this year on November 4th 2016) and we would love to see some of our CânSing Schools take part, for the first time this year, schools will be allowed to perform using CânSing backing tracks - which is very exciting! There will be more information and “sign up stations” at the two north Wales events (Wrexham & Llandudno) but schools from across Wales are welcome too. For more information about the North Wales Choral festival please go to


    We really hope you will get involved with a celebration event in your area. All events are free to attend and schools are allocated places on a “first come, first served” basis so please book early to avoid disappointment. 


    The booking procedures are different for each event, please email to book your place by 24/5/16


    I look forward to seeing you at one of the events! 


    Keep singing!




    Suzanne Barnes



    Invitation to participate in National CânSing Week! 

     Caerphilly Celebration event 

    Monday 20th June - Blackwood Miners Institute


    Thousands of children across Wales will have the opportunity to celebrate their involvement in the ‘CânSing’ project during a week-long celebration (20th - 24th June)  with events happening all over Wales. In Caerphilly, the celebrations will include a Primary Schools Festival open to any schools in the county. Schools will perform to one another and all join together to sing songs from the CânSing website. 


    The event will be delivered as a partnership between CânSing and Caerphilly Music Service who regularly collaborate to ensure the children, young people and families have an opportunity to “find their voice”. 


    Draft programme:

    10:00 - Session 1

    13:00 - Session 2



    • Age group: Years 5, 6 & 7 with the goal of supporting transition from primary to secondary education (for smaller primary schools we can accommodate years 3 & 4 as well if it is necessary to include the whole junior department)
    • This is a FREE event but schools must provide their own transport.
    • There is no requirement for schools to prepare for the concert, however, if your school would like to perform their favourite piece from the CânSing song-bank please let us know. 

    Please email to book your place by 20/5/16 stating your preferred session (1 or 2) 


    For more information about CânSing please contact Suzanne Barnes on  

    We are coming up to St David’s Day on the 1st of March where many schools will be celebrating this special day with a concert or school eisteddfod.

    Here are some songs that are featured in our Cwricwlwm Cymreig section that could be used as part of your celebrations.


    Mae hen wlad fy nhadau – Evan James & James James

    This song is, by tradition, the national anthem of Wales, and was composed in January 1856.


    Now lad’s let’s all rejoice - traditional

    This is a translation of the traditional Welsh Folk song 'Moliannwn'. The song is a rejoicing song about welcoming the spring.


    I shall sing and be full merry – arr Gwennant Pyrs

    This song is a Cerdd Dant (verse singing) piece. Cerdd Dant is the art of vocal improvisation over a given melody in Welsh musical tradition. It is traditionally sung with harp accompaniment.


    Miggledee maggledee - traditional

    This is a translation of the traditional Welsh folk song ‘Migldi Magldi’. The songs response mimics a blacksmith at work.


    Oh pure heart – John Hughes

    This Welsh hymn is often associated with the Welsh Rugby Union, and is sung before almost every test match involving the Welsh national team.


    Sing out loud - Einion Dafydd & Cefin Roberts

    This song was commissioned to reflect the ethos of the CânSing project. It refers to the heritage and culture of Wales and is bilingual to signify the unification of the two languages.


    The Holly - traditional

    The Holly is a translation by Carlene Marr/Syr Idris Bell of the traditional Welsh folksong ‘Y Gelynnen’. The song is rejoicing about the holly tree.


    Ar lan y môr - (On the seashore) traditional

    ‘Ar lan y môr’ (On the seashore) is a traditional Welsh folk song. It is a love song, and the opening phrase has been kept in Welsh in this translation.


    Round the horn – traditional

    This is a sea shanty sung on board Welsh schooners and South Georgia whalers, which often took on Welsh crews.

    Welcome back!


    I do hope you’ve all had an enjoyable break and are refreshed and looking forward to another busy term ahead.

    We want to gather information about how our resources are used across Wales (and beyond). We would be really grateful if you would complete this short online survey (only 7 questions) to help us focus on what helps you most.



    Thank you for your ongoing support 

    Suzanne (& the CânSing team)

    As we look forward to our fifth National CânSing Day on Thursday 25th June - the schedule for our team is busier than ever! We are very grateful to all those schools who are hosting events, large and small, across Wales to help celebrate and raise the profile of our project. So far we have plans to support 12 events across 6 counties; Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire, RCT, Caerphilly, Vale of Glamorgan. The largest is likely to be our event at William Aston Hall in Wrexham (in partnership with WNO and Wrexham Music Service); over 700 pupils from 18 schools will come together for a full day of singing where they’ll get the chance to sing our new “Evening Prayer” with Soprano Zoë Milton-Brown and pianist Helen Woods. 


    Apologies to those who applied to receive an Animateur for the day but were unsuccessful this time - we only have a small team and the logistics of moving them around Wales on the day are quite challenging!


    Tweet:  our main hashtag this year is #DCSD2015 please use this to show how much CânSing activity there is across Wales. We are also inviting you to share your #SingingSelfie/ #HunlunCanu - (via tweet or email to us) these will also be included in our special edition of our bulletin! 


    We want to gather information about how our resources are used across Wales (and beyond). We would be really grateful if you would complete this short online survey (only 7 questions) to help us focus on what helps you most. The survey will be open until 17th July. English:



    Thank you for your ongoing support - I look forward to seeing how you celebrate your involvement in CânSing!


    Suzanne (& the CânSing team)

    Our biggest news is the announcement of National CânSing Day 2015 which will be Thursday 25th June. 

    The whole CânSing team, including our 6 highly skilled Animateurs are standing by and ready to work with schools and community groups across Wales to make this, the 5th National CânSing Day, the biggest and best yet.

    We have already received requests for CânSing Day support from a number of individual schools, clusters and local authorities - if you would like a member of our team to work with you on the day (for free!) please email as soon as possible. We are only able to offer Animateurs to a limited number of events on the day itself - so please don't delay! 

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Keep singing!

    Suzanne Barnes
    CânSing Project Manager


    A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our 4th National CânSing Day on Friday 19th June 2014.

    We know that there were events across Wales , large and small. There were over 2,000 hits on our website that day – and that means that thousands of children and young people were able to participate.

    We have collated all the reports submitted and have created a special edition of the CânSing Bulletin (please click link to download).

    Also, if you are aware of any local media coverage that we may have missed – please do let us know.

    Again, many thanks for your continued support



    CânSing Project Manager